Time Under Tension

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Under Tension)?

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What Is It?

Time under tension is the amount of time that your muscles are
contracting throughout the particular set and rep.


But why the heck is this important and why the heck should we
even be talking about it?

Great question because I used to not give a damn about it.

I used to think that lifting was lifting.  It didn’t really matter what
happened as long as I got the weight up.

Sound familiar?

Why Is It Important?

Now before I actually get into the details about time under tension
I want to pose a quick question.

What does it take to gain mass on a training standpoint? (Disregard
diet for the time being)

Most people and myself included used to think that in order to gain
mass that you needed to lift heavy amounts of weight.


It is completely fine if that is what you thought, but let me explain.

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You Look Like An Idiot

That is what I think to myself to half of the people in the gym trying
to lift heavier weight than they are actually capable.

Don’t get me wrong I am not telling you that lifting heavy weight is a
bad thing because some of the most jacked people in the world are
pumping iron that gorillas couldn’t take on.

I am however saying that if you cannot properly lift the heavy weight
then it is pointless and often times counterproductive.

You’ll Get Hurt Soon Enough

Not only are you not going to gain the mass that you’re after but you
will probably get hurt and just damage your body for the future…..

…..and of course that is the opposite of our goals.

We work out so that we can continue our lives in a healthy manner.

If that is not in fact one of your main goals….

If you’re are just going to the gym for instant gratification…..

…you might want to re asses what you are doing with your life.

Gain Mass Correctly

So back to our good ole friend Time Under Tension.

The reason that we want to focus on this diligently is because it is the
secret to strength and mass.

Instead of lifting ridiculous weight that you actually cannot lift lets
rather focus on the weight we can lift and keep it under control.

Meaning you are not just swinging weight all over the place doing
whatever you can to get it up.  Rather you are maintaining complete
control of the weight every second that it is in your possession.

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The way that you can actually track something like this is what we
call tempo.

There are many ways you can go about it, but just make sure that
you’re using one of them:

  • 3 – 0 – 3
  • 2 – 1 – 2
  • 4 – 4 – 4

There is nothing fancy about these numbers.  It just gives you an
idea of what the tempo is actually going to be.

The first number represents the number of seconds you are pushing
the weight.  The second number represents the number of seconds
you rest at the top, and lastly the end number is the amount of seconds
you lower the weight.

So lets give a brief example:

If you are doing Bench Press with a 212 you would be pushing the
weight from your chest to the sky for a total time of 2 seconds.
Pause at the top for 1 second.  Then take 2 seconds to lower the weight.

Obviously maintaining complete control of it the entire time.

Show Off In The Gym

As a male I get that you will have that ego in the gym that you need
to lift the most weight you possibly can.

I’ve always wanted to do that.  I get it.

However when I had a long hyadus from the gym I got very weak.
So as you can imagine I looked like a scrawny little guy when I came
back in.

It sucked.  Big time….

….but it was actually the most freeing time in my life.

I quickly realized that it didn’t matter what other people though of me
because the truth was I was very weak.  So it gave me the ability to
drop my ego.

You Need To Drop It

Do yourself and drop your ego.  It is only holding you back.

Who gives a damn about what other people think about you.

Most of the time people are more concerned with themselves than
they really care about others.

If they really care about you that much they’ve got bigger issues.

So drop the ego.  Drop the weight.  And maintain the time under tension.

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That is what is going to get you stronger quicker and soon enough
you’ll be lifting more weight than you could have ever done before.

Trust me.

Stay consistent.

Stay a cut above the rest and smile while you’re doing it.

“I’ll see ya at the top, the bottom is too crowded”



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