Process Oriented Vs. Results Oriented

As a society we are all so incredibly focused on who is #1, who won the race, how many pounds did you gain/lose, did you get the specific result.

Does that describe you?

I am know I have fallen victim to this mindset from time to time and to be honest it is not the worst thing in certain situations.

It’s Not A Bad Thing To Be Ambitious

Focusing on being the best and getting the top results is a good to strive for, but it cannot consume your entire focus.

It cannot be the only thing that you give meaning.

I started reading this book called:

Wooden On Leadership by John Wooden

John Wooden was the most successful NCAA basketball coach of all time.  He won 10 NCAA championships and had 4 perfect season.

The guy is the truth and very humble about his successes.

I for one am going to take his knowledge and advice with open arms.  I will go out there and implement exactly what he teaches because his methods pertain to leadership of anything not just sports.

You Have To Lead Yourself 1st

So many people think that leadership means that you have to already have a group of people following you.

Not the case.

In order for people to really understand that you are a person the should be followed you have to be a person that can lead yourself.

If you cannot do that then it is unlikely that anyone will ever follow you.

Focus On The Process

This was Wooden’s main focus.

Yes he has this impressive resume that is filled with an inordinate amount of wins(the result), but that was never the focus with him.

He never instilled that into his player either.

The thing he told his players before every game was to walk out of the gym with your heads held high.

The only way they would be able to do that was if they gave it their all.  They left everything out on the court.

In order for them to leave it all on the court was to focus on the play, not the score.

Results Take Care Of Themselves

See the interesting thing about focusing on the process is that if you do that and you go give it all you got then the results seem to take care of themselves(obviously Wooden proved that time and time again).

Just telling you to focus on the process is great and a lot of people start having more success when they do that, but I want to give you a little more context.

Again this doesn’t matter if you’re in sports, business, or anything else.  We are developing a leader within you first and then you can out there and share this with your following.


It is not enough to say work hard(which is kind of what this means).

However, there are a lot of different perceptions on what “working hard” means.

Some people think that if they go to the gym for a couple of hours that is working hard.  Some people think they if they go to the office from 9-5 that means they worked hard for the day.

However, at the same time, these people may have not done a single thing at the gym or the office.  They may have just walked on the treadmill or played around on Facebook for the entire day besides the times their boss walked by their computer.

Industriousness means that you are diligent at your craft.  It means that you get done what you set out to get finished.


This one supplements the previous.

You have to love what you do and you have to be exited about it.

If you’re dreading going to work.  If you can’t stand going to the gym.  If your business doesn’t get you exited then you’re not going to get anything done at the level you really want.

If you’re just counting the minutes until you’re finished with whatever task you are on then it is hardly going to be worth your time.

Do something you love and you’re going to get so much more out of it.  If can’t get out of the certain thing you’re doing then find way to make it fun.  Get creative.


Follow the winningest NCAA basketball coach of all time and focus on the stuff you can control.

Focus on the things on the process.

Focus on getting your tasks done and be exited about it.

If you can do that then the results will take care of themselves.


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